Adults Neuro-Rehab

  • Suffered stroke and feel lost?
  • Do you feel frustrated with yourself?
  • Would you like to discover new possibilities?
  • Would you like to feel stronger, in control and more ‘You’ again?

It does not matter how ‘bad’ your stroke was, there are ways to improve your movement, strength, balance, stamina and flexibility safely.

Here at TRTrehab we believe in stronger, fitter and younger feeling body.

So if you feel hopless, frustrated or perhaps determined and motivated, we have therapy designed especially for you.

All depends on what your needs and preferences are. Here are TRTrehab we treat people using: exercises, rehabilitation exercises, balance, strength training, therapeutic massage, sports massage, hot Thai compresses massage, water-based exercises and neuro-rehab training all in one place ready for you to discover!

You can significantly improve your situation and enjoy your life to the fullest.

You have nothing to lose and all to gain- book your free consultation now.

Claim your free ‘Feel Stronger, fitter and younger’ consultation now.

  • You will receive a postural assessment to find out how your body can move easier.
  • You’ll be given top tips on how to control your current situation.
  • You will receive self-help techniques from your therapist to use as and when you need it.