Iwona Michalska

I help adults to feel stronger, fitter and younger by massage, rehabilitation exercises and laughter. My passion is to show you how you can live your life to the fullest and enjoy your healthiest body.

Since I was young, I have shown interest in healthy lifestyle, biology, psychology and body movement. I remember being fascinated by witnessing rehabilitation exercises my friend was given. I grew up amongst medical professionals, and I soon knew medicine was not my vocation. My passion to promote, prevent and help to rehabilitate individuals was, and still is, very intense. I am creative and motivational in my work and approach.

I have over fifteen years of experience of treating patients as I worked full time in Community Care establishment; I also went through an intense rehabilitation procedure myself. I work hard and do not like to cut corners as it is impossible to ‘skip’ rehabilitation process.

I can not wait to work with you.

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